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Bienvenus dans mon wiki. Je suis Sophie Saradjian, ici je fais mes recherches, j'écris mes pensées à propos de choses que j'aime et que j'apprends. Welcome to my wiki. I am Sophie Saradjian, and here I research, write my thoughts about things I like and I learn about. Bienvenidos en mi wiki Soy Sophie Saradjian y aqui hago mis investigaciones, y escribo mis pensamientos sobre cosas que me gustan y que aprendo.

# THEMES TEMOJ TOPICS TEMAS 话题 Avec Habib Belaribi, au sein de *Les Éthers Fertiles*: **Tutorials** *Hugo* - Simple hugo site - Creating a Hugo website - Hugo contents - Markdown files - Hugo on Netlify *GitHub* - Set up a GiHub Account - GitHub basics - Git Basics French(branch) - terminal shortcuts

*Tools* - CC Search - Voir au travers des yeux automatiques (*Topogram*) *Federated wiki* - audio file in fedwiki **Translations** - Translation Esp/Fr #1 **Lessons** - PLH #2 La communication Sociale - PLH #1 Pourquoi vendre ? **Games** - Storycrafts **To do list** [x]tuto hugo and git

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wiki is great for data. You can curate, or gather data from other peoples sites, or import your own data.

On this site we collect links, code and ideas about how we can visualise and navigate graphs.

Here we write about democratic practice. In particular such things as deliberative democracy, facilitation and liquid democracy

This page shows all my recent changes across all my sites. You can also see All David's Activity and the older David's Recent Changes pages:

The question here is how would I go about creating a page of Wards recent activity across all his sites?